The study of democracy goes hand in hand with the study of society itself. Evolution as per Darwin is the survival of the fittest and in terms of governance, democracy has been winning hands down since the time it was first was dreamt up by Cleisthenes of Sicyon.

Toplum Democracy

Take the Haitian Declaration of Independence for instance in 1804, it was a change attempted for the betterment of the country. Citizens echoed consent that the barbarians were not just to be expelled but also to be shown that they have lost all possible restraint on the country and its citizens. The mockery of liberty dangled by France must be revealed as a spectre and in a final act of national authority, the citizens did vest their independence leaving the lasting sacred words, “Independence or Death”

While the birth of democracy is almost always similar regardless of the region, its development and eventual metamorphosis vastly differs. Some democracies came out of bloodshed while others out of pure non-violent movements – a key example being the Independence of India and Pakistan, and the subsequent democracy in India that today is the largest functioning in the world.

Toplum.co.uk discusses the society in general and democracy in particular. In fact, the word itself translates to Society.

Many countries are already pushing forward the way, and showing just how a country can be run with ethics in hand. Take the UK, a country run by a stable government; full of small, medium and large sized businesses who directly integrate with the UK culture. We are working with a partner from the UK, called One Sure Insurance to see how we can transition and learn more about the democracy in the UK. One Sure primary sell Motor Traders Insurance (Link: https://www.onesureinsurance.co.uk/motor-trade-insurance), and so they have access to both businesses and consumers as a customer demographic.